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Peer reviewed - Scholarly Open Access Journal

VOLUME 35 : ISSUE 04 - 2022 (Oct- Dec)

01.  Bonding Sans Bondage: Feminist Perspective of Taslima Nasrin’s Lajja

         G. Jeevitha & Dr. Sheeba S. Nair  






02.   Sustainable Smart Tourism in Sultanate of Oman – The Way Ahead

          Dr. Subrahmanian Muthurman





03 .  Cotton Trade Agreements of India (1932 – 1940): An analysis

          Dr T. Jayanthi





04.  The Role of Small-Scale Industries in an Emerging Economy in India
         Mrs. Shashi Gugari & Dr. R.C. Gupta





05    Digital workplace: Redefined leadership skills





06.  Internet usage and problems faced in using internet by Arts and Science College students in Coimbatore City.

        Dr. K. Sudhakar & Dr. K. Poorna





07.   Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: A Study of Telecom Industry
         Premvati Rajput & Dr. P. K. Bansal








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